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Cycling New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Things To Put On Your List

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Cycling is more than just transportation; it's a holistic journey for the body and mind. Setting cycling New Year’s resolutions enhances our physical health and mental well-being. As we approach the New Year, let's embrace the diverse benefits of cycling, ensuring every ride is filled with purpose and joy.

Today’s blog covers 10 cycling New Year’s resolutions to put on your list. From setting a clear mileage goal to joining a local cycling group, we have ideas in abundance to get you started!

1. Set a Clear Mileage Goal

1. Set a Clear Mileage Goal

Setting a clear mileage goal, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned cyclist, provides a tangible target to strive for throughout the year. We all cycle for various reasons, be it health, enjoyment, or thrill. But having a defined distance to aim for gives our rides direction and purpose. It's not just about the number; it's about committing to it and giving every ride meaning.

A set target transforms every ride into a step towards achievement, fueling motivation and offering a rewarding sense of progress. By year's end, reflecting on the distance covered becomes a source of immense pride.

Modern apps like Strava make tracking your rides a breeze. Beyond just recording, they offer analysis, connect you with other cyclists, and add an element of fun with badges and challenges.

2. Join a Local Cycling Group

While solo rides have their charm, cycling with a group adds a layer of camaraderie and motivation. The collective spirit of fellow cyclists boosts commitment, ensuring you pedal on even when motivation might dip. In short, cycling communities provide both support and inspiration.

Joining a cycling group offers diverse experiences: discovering new routes, learning from seasoned riders, and fostering friendships. These groups aren't just about the ride; they're a hub of shared stories, tips, and camaraderie, enhancing both your cycling skills and social life.

To immerse in local cycling communities, check out cycling clubs, online platforms like, or visit local bike shops. Social media platforms like Facebook also have dedicated groups for local riders. And if there's no group that fits your vibe? Take the lead and start one! A few passionate cyclists can lay the foundation for a thriving community.

3. Try a New Type of Cycling

Cycling is a multifaceted sport, with each discipline offering a unique experience and perspective. Diversifying your cycling journey can breathe new life into your rides and expand your skills.

While we may have a favorite cycling style, exploring new disciplines, from mountain biking's rugged trails to road cycling's long stretches, offers fresh challenges and insights. Venturing into different cycling terrains is an opportunity to develop new abilities and see the world through a different set of wheels.

Branching out in cycling not only refines skills but also rekindles passion. Whether it's mastering technical trails or building stamina on highways, each new discipline brings unique terrains, challenges, and memories to cherish.

Before committing to a new discipline, consider renting the necessary gear or attending

workshops. This approach allows you to gauge your interest without a significant initial investment, ensuring a well-informed and enjoyable transition.

4. Sign Up for a Charity Ride

4. Sign Up for a Charity Ride

Combining the joy of cycling with a noble purpose leads to a fulfilling experience. Charity rides are events designed to raise awareness and funds for causes, turning your cycling enthusiasm into a force for positive change. It's about leveraging your passion to impact the broader community.

Partaking in charity rides offers the exhilaration of cycling, often on picturesque routes with like-minded riders. But the real reward goes beyond physical achievement: it's about the lives you impact and the bonds you forge along the way. These rides offer a blend of fitness and altruism, enriching both body and soul.

5. Invest in Professional Bike Fitting

A tailored bike fit offers numerous benefits. It significantly reduces injury risks by ensuring optimal posture, elevates comfort during rides, and boosts efficiency, enabling you to ride faster or longer with ease.

What does a professional bike fitting entail? The process starts with a discussion about your cycling habits and any past injuries. A physical assessment follows, checking flexibility and potential imbalances. Advanced tools and software may be used for precise adjustments.

Throughout, your feedback is key, ensuring a fit that aligns with both data and personal comfort. Your experience and comfort remain at the heart of the process.

6. Plan a Cycling Holiday or Tour

Cycling holidays take travel to the next level. Rather than just visiting, you intimately engage with the destination. Every pedal stroke immerses you in the local landscape, culture, and people, offering an authentic experience, be it in European villages, Asian mountains, or Australia's coasts.

Combining travel and cycling offers diverse adventures, spontaneous detours, and keeps you fit. Every route presents novel wonders, from hidden waterfalls to local markets. The active nature of these trips ensures you maintain fitness while making memories.

To embark on a cycling holiday, choose a destination that sparks interest, then dive into research. Many companies curate cycling tours, handling logistics and providing guides.

Remember to consider terrain and distance to match your fitness. Equip yourself with a repair kit, local emergency contacts, and some local language phrases for a smooth journey.

7. Improve Your Technical Skills

Delving deeper into technical skills can redefine your cycling experience, making rides both thrilling and efficient. Skills like strategic climbing conserve energy, while mastering descents turns potentially daunting slopes into exhilarating experiences.

Honing technical skills boosts confidence, allowing you to take on diverse routes fearlessly. This confidence ensures safer rides, with skills like smooth cornering reducing risks.

Ultimately, refining these skills magnifies the joy of cycling, letting you immerse in the surroundings while enjoying a seamless journey.

To elevate your technical prowess, consider workshops led by seasoned cyclists or explore online tutorials on platforms like YouTube. Whether you're learning posture adjustments or advanced techniques, always practice safety, ideally with protective gear. As you integrate these skills, you'll notice your rides becoming more fluid and delightful.

8. Commit to Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures longevity for your bike, preventing small issues from becoming big problems. Consistent checks of vital parts like brakes ensure optimal performance. Ultimately, a well-cared-for bike means smoother rides and a more enjoyable cycling experience.

Kickstart your bike's upkeep with these foundational tasks:

  • Tire Inspection: Monitor tire pressure and check for wear or punctures.

  • Brake Check: Ensure brakes are responsive and inspect pads regularly.

  • Chain Maintenance: Maintain a clean and well-lubricated chain for efficient pedaling.

  • Bolt Tightening: Check bolts periodically, especially after challenging rides.

  • Clean and Inspect: Clean your bike, focusing on gears and moving parts to identify potential issues.

For guidance, consider workshops at local bike shops or online tutorials. Investing in a maintenance guide or basic tools can further empower your bike care journey.

9. Educate Yourself on Nutrition and Hydration

For cyclists, nutrition is the powerhouse behind every ride, and hydration maintains muscle function and overall performance. What you consume before, during, and post-ride greatly impacts your stamina and recovery, regardless of your cycling level.

Balanced nutrition and hydration boost endurance, allowing rides without premature fatigue. Post-ride, the right nutrients hasten muscle recovery, minimizing injury risks. Staying hydrated wards off dehydration, which can cause muscle fatigue and cramps.

To maximize your cycling nutrition:

  • Pre-ride: Consume carbohydrates and proteins 2-3 hours beforehand, like oatmeal with fruits or toast with peanut butter.

  • During the Ride: For extended rides, consider energy bars or snacks like bananas. Drink water every 15-20 minutes, and for rides over an hour, use an electrolyte drink.

  • Post-ride: Within 30 minutes, have proteins and carbs, such as a protein shake or chicken sandwich.

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink water consistently. Aim to drink at least half your body weight (in pounds) in ounces daily.

For tailored advice, consider consulting a sports nutritionist or using dedicated cycling nutrition apps and platforms.

Pedal for a Purpose in the Saints to Sinners Bike Relay

Today’s blog covers 10 cycling New Year’s resolutions to put on your list. From setting a clear mileage goal to joining a local cycling group, we have ideas in abundance to get you started!

Cycling isn't just a personal joy; it's a passion that can drive community change. Through cycling advocacy, individual cyclists unite to create safer, more inclusive environments for all.

Cycling advocacy champions cyclists' rights, striving to make cycling a respected mode of transport and leisure. Active advocacy brings tangible changes like dedicated bike lanes and enhanced safety measures, boosting the confidence of riders. It promotes mutual respect on roads, educates drivers, and broadens cycling's appeal.

More than infrastructure, advocacy fosters vibrant cycling communities, uniting riders and amplifying their voice.

Pedal for a Purpose in the Saints to Sinners Bike Relay

When making your cycling new year’s resolutions, don’t forget to include events that inspire, challenge, and make a difference. The Saints to Sinners Bike Relay, initiated in 2009 in honor of Ron Frandsen's brave battle against ALS, is one such extraordinary event.

Spanning 516.2 miles with 25 individual relay legs, this race promises not just the thrill of the ride, but also the spirit of camaraderie, stretching from Salt Lake City all the way to Las Vegas. Whether you're looking to join an existing team or form one of your own, your participation will undoubtedly make a difference.

And let's not forget the unsung heroes, the volunteers, whose efforts are the backbone of this relay. If you have any questions about the race or how to get involved, use the Saints to Sinners online form.

So, as you look ahead to 2024, prepare to register for the Saints to Sinners Bike Relay. It's more than just a race; it's an experience, a cause, and a legacy.

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