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7 Tips for Winter Cycling

Updated: May 18, 2022

Winter cycling may not be for everyone, but with these tips, you might find that biking in freezing temperatures isn’t so bad.

When winter settles in, many cyclists find themselves hunkering down and going into hibernation. But with some preparation and a shift in your mindset, winter riding can be really exciting, refreshing, and rewarding. Winter isn’t an excuse to quit cycling — you can still trade in your commute by car for a commute by bike. Steering clear of the hectic holiday traffic is just one of the advantages of riding during the winter. You can also enjoy the benefits of cranking up your heart rate and burning off all of those Christmas cookies.

Below you’ll find some tips that will help keep you riding the whole winter season long.

7 Helpful Tips for Winter Cycling

Use these cycling tips and tricks all winter long:

  1. Ease Yourself into Seasonal Riding — Winter conditions can make riding a lot more challenging than in warmer, dryer seasons, so ease into cycling with shorter rides to allow yourself to get acclimated and get your gear sorted.

  2. Adjust Your Winter Riding Tactics — Riding during the winter is much different from spring, summer, or even fall riding. Bike lanes are often covered in dirty snowbanks, roads are icy, the air is foggy, just to name a few differences. When conditions are like this, ride in the right traffic lane instead, hold on tightly to your handles, assume you are not seen and ride carefully.

  3. Don’t Change Up Your Bike — There’s no reason to switch up which bike you’re riding; you are familiar with your bike handles, how your bike brakes, etc. There is no need to purchase a winter-specific bike. You can get the same effect by upgrading or adding a few accessories or changing a few components about your current bike.

  4. Dress for the Weather — Make sure to wear layers on your ride so you can adjust to the ever-changing conditions. Consider also wearing gloves, rain gear, and a warmer helmet.

  5. Gear Up to Be Seen — The sun sets a lot earlier during the winter season, so make sure you beef up your safety measures, such as reflective gear, bright safety lights, noticeable headlights, and rear lighting.

  6. Measure and Adjust Tire Pressure — You’ll often find that your tires are low during the winter season. Thankfully, inflating them is easy enough. Inflate tires whenever necessary to the low end of the recommended ranges.

  7. Clean Your Bike Regularly — Ice, salt, and other grime can quickly build up on your bike from riding winter roadways. Keep your frame, drivetrain, and other components in good working order by cleaning your bike regularly.

Use Winter Cycling to Prepare for the Saints to Sinners Bike Relay in 2022

Winter cycling is a great way to stay in shape and get yourself ready for the Saints to Sinners Bike Relay Race this summer. Ride from the beautiful and scenic mountains of Salt Lake City to the inferno heat of Las Vegas for a good cause — the fight against ALS. Contact us today to learn more.

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