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Tips for Riding Longer Distances

Updated: May 18, 2022

Riding longer distances is the goal of every cyclist, but it requires time, energy, and plenty of preparation.

Many cyclists want to ride for long distances. However, these rides take high levels of endurance. But there isn’t a single best way to increase your endurance. Since everybody is different, it’s wise to figure out what works for you and to go at your own pace.

The definition of long-distance riding can vary from one cyclist to the next. But, for conversation’s sake, when we refer to “long distances,” we’re talking about rides over 100 km.

4 Tips for Riding Longer Distances

  1. Gradually Work Your Way Up — Like other ambitious tasks, riding long distances starts small. Instead of jumping into the deep end with a 150 km ride, slowly add kilometers to each of your rides. This will allow you to gradually improve your endurance without getting injured from straining your body. If you feel confident riding 60 km, try adding five to 10 km to that distance over the next week or two. Over a few months, you can work your way up to 150 km. Easing yourself into longer rides will feel much more gentle on your body, and your ability to lengthen your rides will grow.

  2. Pace Yourself — It’s easy to get over-excited about your ride and over-exert yourself during the first half. But don’t get swept up in the thrill. Pace yourself! Start at a slow but steady pace, and work your way up. You’ll be able to ride much farther this way. Save some energy at the beginning of your ride for later on in the day.

  3. Find a Like-Minded Crew — Cycling for long distances means you will be on the road for hours at a time. Some riders prefer to go alone, but others love the motivation and company of fellow cyclists who have the same goal. Having the support of like-minded friends can make a huge difference when the riding gets tough, and it helps you reach your goals.

  4. Plan the Route-Ahead of Time — When embarking on a long-distance ride, you’ll probably come across terrain you’ve never cycled on before. While this isn’t a bad thing, it’s essential to research before your ride. Try to find new, interesting areas that feature the type of terrain you want to ride, have available services and have predicted weather.

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Tips for Riding Longer Distances

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