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3 Expert Tips to Boost Your Cycling Endurance

Updated: May 18, 2022

Boosting your cycling endurance isn’t nearly as overwhelming as it seems, and anyone of any age can do it!

It’s no surprise that cycling requires a lot of power and endurance. Knowing you can push through and ride the entire length of your route is an exciting feeling. But, for beginner and avid riders alike, that’s not always a reality, and you may find yourself hitting a wall. These self-imposed ceilings of endurance can feel daunting and discouraging. But don’t fret—breaking through these mental blocks and limits is entirely doable with a bit of work and dedication. Continue reading for three expert tips on boosting your cycling endurance below.

Fuel Your Body Right

A long endurance ride requires making the most of your internal reserves, and an excellent nutritional strategy is necessary to get through your race. Start practicing now, months before your race, what foods and drinks work best for your body to avoid any adverse incidents on race day. Many riders thrive during their ride with around 60g of carbohydrates each hour and 500-750ml of fluid per hour. Running out of fuel is what makes you hit the wall — stock up however you need to!

Engage in Endurance Training

If you want to ride for extended distances, filled with climbs and flats, you’ll need to up your endurance training. Months before your big race, you’ll need to engage in an endurance training program. There are countless programs out there, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all routine—just find one that works for you, your schedule, your goals, and anything else. Consistency and dedication are essential for endurance training—you won’t make much progress without either.

Don’t Skip Out on Strength Training

Training doesn’t stop with endurance training. Because cycling requires so much lower-body strength, it’s easy for riders to focus their strength work on lower-body muscles solely. However, upper body strength is just as important when cycling. Your upper body muscles are responsible for supporting your torso, and a strong core is necessary for preventing back pain and fatigue and will give your body the fuel to climb steep hills. And lastly, you’ll need strong shoulders and arms to hold you up during the long, flat roads. Without strength training, you won’t last long. Strength training should be done at least twice each week and started with 5-10 minutes of light cardio to warm up your body. Here are some exercises that will give your entire body the strength it needs to support you on your ride:

  • Dumbbell Squat

  • Bilateral Seated Row with a Resistance Band

  • Stationary Dumbbell Lunges

  • Push-Up to Side Plank

  • Dumbbell DeadLifts

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